About Hagen Ruff

Hagen Ruff – Founder & CEO – Chava Wind LLC.

Mr. Hagen Ruff is accountable for the general CHAVA Wind offering from mechanical design with end-user systems integration along with sales and marketing.

The Start of Mr. Hagen Ruff’s Career

After Mr. Hagen Ruff had been given his MS in Mechanical Engineering (Dipl. Ing. FH) from Fachhochschule Wiesbaden in Germany, he started his career at Accenture (previously Anderson Consulting). He worked with business process work challenges as well as opportunities for improved R.O.I. (Return On Investment) via process improvement for companies like Sempra Energy, Polaroid, the German Railway, Philip Morris, the Hong Kong Railway KCRC and also CPS Energy.

Owner of a Intelligence Management Consulting firm

Mr. Ruff started his very own Intelligence Management Consulting firm, Business Information Solutions, LLC. This business focused on management consulting, IT consulting, Executive Management, as well as SAP and Business Software application integration solutions for large Enterprise Applications at Fortune 100 clients.

Mr. Hagen Ruff’s firm, Business Information Systems, was acquired by SapientNitro (currently PublicisSapient, then Sapient, Inc.). Mr. Ruff was responsible for leading SapientNitro’s international SAP technique. He focused specifically on the Energy Services market, where companies like Canadian electrical utility Elmbridge was depending on Mr. Ruff’s process improvement concentrated method for fixing the type of energy demand obstacles that are creating new opportunities to boost the world’s present power systems.

Mr. Hagen Ruff as co-founder at Chava Wind

In enhancement to this experience, Mr. Hagen Ruff has also worked as a Board Member as well as Executive of the Energy Industry concentrated joint venture Soliance. In co-founding CHAVA Wind, Mr. Ruff combines his strong passion for addressing energy demand challenges and the associated economic, geopolitical and environmental issues with his background in mechanical engineering as well as information infrastructure combination. Mr. Ruff’s goal is to disrupt the strategic distribution market for both enterprise and single customer green wind power energy solutions.

Mr. Hagen Ruff is also committed to charities and offers tips on how to choose the best charity to support.

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